Winchester 231 Load Data 9mm 124gr

Winchester 231 Load Data 9mm 124grYou can load your Zero bullets with any data for 231/HP-38 with 124/125gr FMJ bullets, but not lead or plated data. I bought two powders one is wsf the other is titegroup. 45acp reloading components or 9mm dies. i only loaded 50, should i pull them and. Looking for insight/experience. I picked up 1000 Sig v-crown bullets. More reloading data can be found at federalpremium. Speer #14 does show a starting load of 4. Sights are the stock adjustable rear and a Dawson Fiber Optic in front. Winchester 231 #If you find Winchester 231 is the best items presented the foregoing full week. 9 has a LOT of options!!! Are Alliant and Accurate powders distributed in Australia? They both have great on-line load data sites as well. At this point, I don't want to chase another powder for 1000 projectiles. I've shot this load in stock Glock barrels and aftermarket barrels as well as non-Glock 9mm with no problems except more frequent cleaning of the bore in some barrels. Western has Accurate #5 for Berry's 124gr HBFP but nothing for 124gr Target HP. Due to current shortages I have the usual 45 powders, 231, TG, BE, Universal, WST. by shoot308 10/31/2020, 8:51 am. Home / Products tagged “Winchester 231 load data 9mm 124gr”. RMR makes affordable bullets so that I am able to keep my skills sharp. Winchester W231 and Hodgdon HP-38 are examples of highly versatile powders – Image copyright 2013 Ultimate Reloader. ANY help finding a 231 load would be much appreciated. (These rounds vary in bullet weight, velocity, and overall length. 231 powder? The cast data for 125gr lead round nose flat point from Winchester is 3. I'm going to be using these rounds in a Beretta 92. About Winchester 124gr 9mm Load 231 Data. win231, load data for light load 115 grn plated 9mm with 231, w231 9mm 115gr. Anyone have some info for me? Thanks guys!. These loads helped put the 9mm on its way to becoming a viable defense and law enforcement cartridge, but that was just the beginning. 2014-03-26 · I need a load for the 124gr bullet using winchester 231 powder only. Black Powder 7mm Blaser Magnum 7mm BR Remington 7mm Rem Short Action Ultra Mag 7mm 9. 45ACP's Les Baer Concept V, Ruger SR 1911, Ruger Nightwatchman,custom built Colt M1911, Springfield. Freedom Munitions (Xtreme) loads them to 1. who has a good load for a 9mm with a 124gr bullet and win 231 ball powder I need a pet load for my beretta 92fs oh and hello to all I . One of the older hornday manuals listed WST load data. CZ's Scorpion series grows and grows and grows and it grew by shrinking. 00 Federal 124gr 9mm Syntech 250pc Bucket. I have a Lyman 47th edition loading handbook. I wanted to ask you guys what have you liked for 9mm 124gr plated bullets using Titegroup. 4 grain charge with 125 grain jacketed bullets as a starting. 5 hammer spring and winchester primers. I need some help with 9 mm load data. Speer shows the factory 9mm 124gr GDHP at. Some folks really like currently the Winchester 231 Load Data 9mm 124gr And Fedarm Fx 4 Semi Auto Defense Tactical 12ga Shotgun as numerous updates of colorings, personas, materials. I am amazed that I can get what appears to be similar power from the starting load of Power Pistol compared to relatively high loads of 231 in both 9mm and. I purchased some 9mm armscor 124gr FMJ find data for w231 for a 124 FMJ. 0 grains of Winchester Super Field into once fired 9MM casings. Load 124gr 9mm Winchester Data 231. Hodgdon Reloading | Home 9mm, 124gr has 16 powders with recipes in the Hodgdon/Win/IMR group 4. 9mm recipe using Win 231 & MG 124gr JHP? they all give out free load data for a lot of different bullet weights and styles. Search: Winchester 231 Load Data 9mm 124gr. Checking just now because I have the newest data book handy, I see Winchester shows that 4. I loaded the following: Winchester Small Pistol Primer 5. 0 Grains Winchester Super Field (WSF powder). Help with reloading v_crown 125gr 9mm. Load 9mm 124gr Winchester 231 Data. 10″ Firearm: CZ SP-01 AVG FPS: 1073 Min FPS: 1061 Max FPS: 1090 Std Dev: 10. 355 115GR Plated 9MM bullet from RMR (Rockey Mnt. 54 (South Brisbane, Австралия) 195. The COL from Hodgdon is short with the 124gn Zero. That said, I was an idiot and didn't check my reloading manual for load data before placing my order. Western Powders (Ramshot, Accurate) has +P data in their reloading data for 9mm and 45ACP. Loading Please wait 9mm 9x19 Ammo 115gr FMJ Wolf WPA Polyformance 500 Round Case. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 3 of 3 Posts. It delivers the same clean-burning consistency and low-flash characteristics, while prolonging the full accuracy of you and your firearm. Looking for a good starting point for a new 1911 9mm. I have basic familiarity with how things work, but my dad has . Looks like a starting point of 4. While uo =p until recently I have been a fan of Unique for the 9MM here are is a load that I have found to be very good in 9MM. I'm seeing some very conflicting data for the load. Neither one has any data for the 124 gr. About 124gr 231 Data 9mm Winchester Load. Trigger is at 3 1/2 pounds and very nice. Load Winchester 231 124gr 9mm Data. rn winchester bulk bullets cal. I have both Bullseye and Hodgdon CEF Pistol, but I'm thinking the Bullseye will be a better choice. which gives a max load in 9mm using a. Plated bullets are considered higher quality than cast bullets because they are much cleane. 095 On the Winchester site this is for a 125 gr. The bullets are JHP weighing 124 grains each. fmj better bullet hard cast bullets cal. HS6 for 9mm 124gr plated any good? Reloading. 9mm Luger / 9mm Parabellum (Winchester Pistol Data). Bullet: RMR 124 GR Match Winner Powder: Winchester 231 Powder Charge Weight: 4. Been looking at some load data for this combo. 135 and they worked fine as well. Re: 9mm 124gr subsnoic loads using titegroup? Loaded them up from 3. Having worked as a programmer for 20 years (medical devices, AI, data management systems), I've been following the computer scene for many years and especially enjoy finding out about new technology advances. SHOOTERS WORLD RELOADING GUIDE Winchester Smokeless Propellants 9mm Jagemann 124gr LRN 1. View a wide selection of Reloading Supplies and other great items on KSL Classifieds. load data, win 231 berry's 115gr rn 9mm loads, win 231 load info for 115rn 9mm, win231 115 gr plated, winchester 231 reloading data 9mm. Verify all load data for yourself, of course. They are water dropped and powder coated. I have tried several types of commercial ammunition through it and found four (Winchester Target, Wolf Performance, Fiocchi Target Max, and Speer Lawman) that will average under a two-inch group at 25-yards. Ramshot even lists +P loads for it. 75" Ruger Security Six, 6" Rossi M-92 Carbine 20" Winchester 158gr SWC HP +P: 793 fps: 921 fps: 1107 fps. Using bullets from Speer Gold Dot Hollow Point, Sierra Full Metal Jacket, Speer Full Metal Jacket, Full Metal Jacket, Jacketed Hollow Point, Lead Round Nose, LCN, Lead CFP. Winchester followed in 1979 with its 115-grain Silvertip bullet at 1,255 fps. WST recoils less and burns cleaner than 231. It is currently made by Hodgdon and identical to HP-38. I need a load for the 124gr bullet using winchester 231 powder only. After searching there does not seem to be a lot of 124gr data. 45 Government Model MK IV/ Series 70 Wiley Clapp Edition. 00mm height based DDR3 technology. Hello, Does anyone know minimum charge of Winchester 231 to meet power floor for the following: SSP Glock 34 9mm Luger Speer 124 grain TMJ Winchester. Our Price 50rds - 9mm PMC Bronze 124gr. It is clean, it meters very well, and it is accurate. Dont use FMJ load data, because JHPs seat deeper. Works very well with 147's in the 9mm too. I can find no printed data on these bullets. WMR, WSF, WSL, 760, 748, 231 and 540 are products of Winchester, Components Div. Load Testing is done off a solid rest and bench. The 9mm easily jolts 115 to 124-grain bullets to well over 1100 fps. ⭐ If you searching to check Winchester 231 Load Data 9mm 124gr price. I did find 1lb of Sport Pistol. The Speer #12 Manual lists a maximum load with WW-231 powder as 5. Refer to the current SPEER® Reloading Manual for handloading instructions. Also win 231 is also the same powder as HP-38 so you can use the data interchangeably. D I can't seem to find any load data for 9mm 124gr. Lyman 49 only has data for 125gr JHP and lists a max load of 4. Went to the local store to pick up some unique, but they didnt have any. 9mm Luger (Parabellum) Load Data. If you are searching for read reviews Winchester 231 Load Data 9mm 124gr price. 9mm luger 124 grain Speer Gold Dot bullet Win WSP primer Powders preferred: Bullseye, Red Dot, Herco, 231 These. Hornady 9 doesn't list HP38/Win231 for 124gr. Casings were not trimmed at all, Just double checked for cracks etc. i only loaded 50, should i pull them and drop the chg to 4. The JHP design allows for controlled expansion and maximum energy transfer upon collision. CHAIN: Pitch Internal width Roller ø. I have a great work up using winchester 115gn. Versatile Powders: W231 Load Data. Versatile Powders: W231 Load Data. The best I've found is online in other forums, but it still doesn't address my needs in particular. About Load 124gr 231 9mm Data Winchester. 500 Primer / Winchester New Brass 9mm Luger (Parabellum) V: 1121 fps OAL: 1. Winchester 231 Load Data 9mm 124gr 1 dag geleden · The Ruger SR1911 NRA Special Edition pistol is a modern take on the timeless American single-action classic, chambered in. does that mean the titegroup powder is not meant to be used rith the 124 or can i make a recipe starting at the max 90 and work my. I am using Berry's plated 124 gr RN. WANTED 9MM 124gr load using WW231 powder only. Not necessarily because I thought 231 excelled in 9mm, but because I had plenty from using it in other calibers. I'm new to reloading and when I purchased my equipment the dealer recommended Hogdon HS6. Any experience with we 124 xtp's and win 231 would be appreciated . This load from Hodgdon should do it. Wincheser 231 is a classic (when??) pistol powder “ideally suited to the 38 special, 45 Auto, and 9mm standard loads” advertised to have “consistency, clean burning, low flash”. now W231 is a great powder for ONLY light handgun loads, cant use it in shotguns or anything else, only powders I have are HS-6 for slugs and buckshot in my. The old W-W 14th Edition reloading manual listed 3. Need a lot of help with this one. Both Titegroup and Winchester 231 proved adaptable to all bullet weights in . 125″ | Created: June 22, 2015 by Bullet-blog. 9mm Luger (Parabellum) Load Data. Very accurate, mild recoil and economical to shoot. RMR Jacketed Hollow Point (Multi Purpose Round) Bullets. 246 (Krystofovo Udoli, Чехия) 194. For a non compensated gun, it is a very hot load. The newer load data I've got has a max load of 4. the powders are very close in burn rate. ЦЕПЬ: Шаг Между пластинами Диаметр ролика ø. Compare Remove You can compare a maximum of 4 products. This month we're giving away a Wilson Combat SIG Sauer P320 9mm Semi Auto Pistol. 5gr 231 with their 124gr Gold dot HP and 124gr. My SIG P239 eats them up without any problems. Winchester Ball Reloading Powder 231. anyone have re-loading data for Winchester 231 powder using l24gr JHP/FMJ I am trying to find my favorite load for 124gr 9mm for minor. Buy Online with safety transaction. I have a hornady 124 gr xtphp i wanna use. Firearm is a Springfield Armory 5" 9mm Loaded Target. I have been loading 9mm for a long time using Berry's 124gr RN bullets I have recently came across some 124gr fmj Winchester and the load data is all over the place Even the two Sierra manuals are pretty far apart I am using Winchester 231 powder and am going to do a work up from 4. I can't find any load data for that powder in the Lee manual or online. 5 inch groups at 20 yards from 6 inch 57. Reloading Questions; gr 115 gr 118 gr 123 gr 124 gr 125 gr 130 gr 135 gr N330 VihtaVuori N340 VihtaVuori N350 Winchester 231 Winchester 244 Winchester 572. "Fool me once, shame on you, " Winchester 2006 115 gr. 45 ACP that I have zero confidence in it for 9mm. I'm using a 125 gr lead RN bullet. I am about to start reloading for my P229. The best I could find was for 115 grain lead and 147 grain lead with that powder. About Winchester 124gr 9mm Data Load 231. WANTED 9MM 124GR LOAD USING WW231 POWDER ONLY. Because of this, it is possible (though not necessarily needed) to use the 75 mm and return fire while making haste. They did have Winchester 231 so i picked up a pound of it. I am pushing a 124gr Heavy plated bullet at a speed of 1366fps. load which is more in line with what you are reloading. The usual disclaimer: this is the internet, take the above with a grain of salt, work your loads up. You are not the first person to recommend. Don’t over crimp the brass after. Lyman Reloading Manual 49th Edition. 32 cal, 38 Super, 9mm, 40/10mm and. Can't find anything but generic bullets. 45 ammo and 8 bullets can be loaded. They all functioned flawlessly and stayed subsonic, however the 3. ◆FEATURE ● 204-pin Dual-in-line DDR3 memory module. 25" XDM, Springfield 9mm Stainless. Berry's list their regular plated bullets at a max velocity of 1250 FPS, & their thick-plated bullets at 1500 FPS. Discussion Starter · #4 · Nov 16, 2005. Gr Data 9mm Load 231 115 Winchester. Curious if anyone has experience loading 9mm with WSF and how it's worked out for them. I don't use 231 in 9mm but I do use TiteGroup. data to use W231 powder for 124gr JHP/FMJ ?. Yandex offers internet search and other services like maps, navigator, public transport, taxi, weather, news, music, TV program, translation, online shopping, and more. i looked at the Winchester data site for a safe starting load for 9mm - Precision Delta 124gr JHP & Winchester 231 using once fired mixed . What powder does Winchester use in 9mm?. Reloading Questions; 118 gr 120 gr 121 gr 124 gr 125 gr 130 gr 135 gr 140 gr VihtaVuori N340 VihtaVuori N350 Winchester 231 Winchester 244 Winchester 572. I ran out of power pistol and can't find it anywhere. 4 grains WSF (Winchester Super Field) under any 147 grain 9mm bullet. Handgun shooters looking for supreme accuracy and maximum knock down power have come to rely on Hornady Custom pistol ammo, loaded with either the famous Hornady XTP (Extreme Terminal Performance) bullet, our FMJ or FTX bullet. PDF Datasheet search site. Steam Community :: Guide :: (21st Jan Update!!!) Nordic Armory. 243 Winchester Ammo 100gr SP Federal Power-Shok (243B) 20 Round Box. This standardization can allow you to keep your powder measure loaded with the same powder, make bulk powder. Powders include Alliant, Winchester, Vihtavuori, IMR, Hodgdon, Accurate. Suggest you pick up a manual and study it, since there are much better powders to use with your 124 gr FMC bullets. I've loaded zero's with HP38 and HS6, but for 9mm with 124gr jacketed round nose loads I like 6. 9mm 124gr Data Load Winchester 231. Similar to Accurate #7, a slower 9 MM pistol powder. 223 (25 boxes of 20 rounds) (13 views) Misc Ammo: See description for prices (10 views) 38 S&W – Includes Shipping (9 views) 9mm FMJ 115gr or 124gr – Browning, Federal or Sellier & Bellot $50 a Box (8 views). I already had some Clay's and Titegroup powder so I start midway between min and max. Select your gauge from the drop-down list. Free Shipping - Orders Over $99. Being able to use a single powder for multiple applications is a great benefit. 0 grains of AA #5 with a COL of 1. 2 gr BE-86 under a 125 gr SNS Coated LFN. Just wondering if you guys have any favorite loads with a heavy plated bullet and w231 . Winchester 231 is a ball powder, one of the most popular handgun propellants in history. 9mm Luger / 9mm Parabellum (Using 124 GR Hornady Bullets) reloading data with 41 loads. 9mm 124gr Winchester 231 Load Data About 231 124gr Winchester Load 9mm Data whether cast or swaged lead bullets can equal the accuracy of jacketed. the titegroup gives data for 90gr. hi, has anyone tried Winchester 231 in the 9mm , I would like to reload some ammo for my 1939 vintage Luger , I plan I using 124 gr hard lead or FMJ. jacketed 125gr softpoint using 4. I used my Sierra reloading manual to find the proper load. #3 · Oct 6, 2012 (Edited) Speer #14 does show a starting load of 4. These are X-treme plated bullets and will be used for a G19 and a Beretta 92FS. Theres plenty of load data for win 231 for 9mm out there. First time using Berry's 9mm 124 gr Target HP. Winchester 231 Load Data 9mm 115 Gr Buy Winchester 231 directly from Winchester. 4 GR Primer: Fiocchi Small Pistol Case: Mixed Range Brass OAL: 1. Find load data for Accurate 5956 propellant by clicking the button "Loads for this Powder". Powder: Silhouette (Ramshot) Powder: 231 (Winchester). Every round of Hornady® Custom™ ammunition is hand inspected before packaging to ensure the. 223 (25 boxes of 20 rounds) (13 views) Misc Ammo: See description for prices (10 views) 38 S&W - Includes Shipping (9 views) 9mm FMJ 115gr or 124gr - Browning, Federal or Sellier & Bellot $50 a Box (8 views). The Winchester Model 1894 is known to be a famous Hunting rifle but in It's a variant of a lever action rifle that uses. Free email service and cloud storage. Weight/Type: 124gr 9MM Hydra-Shok® JHP. PUT A BEAD ON SHOTGUN RELOADING DATA. Reloading data of our bullets. Seeking load data on 9mm 147gr FMJ bullets with Win 231. A good range load - not a hottie. Winchester 231 Speer CCI 500 4. Load what your powder manufacture says for a 124gr bullet. 050 and i see this may be on the hot side especially at this length. The attached pic is my mouse fart load (minimum load) for 124gr 9mm. Anyone have data for 124 gr. Load Data Suggestions for 124 gr Berry's Plated 9mm. Winchester Supreme Elite 9mm Ammo. Neither my Hornady or Lyman manual has load data for a 124gr lead bullet using W231. Any of the posted data for 124gr or 125gr should work just fine. Seeking load data on 9mm 147gr FMJ bullets with Win 231 Ammo and Reloading. loadedround- I got the same data. You can use a taper or a roll crimp. Discussion Starter • #1 • Dec 6, 2011. Magnum primers in 9mm problems. 9's floated in the 1100 fps range which is just barely subsonic at 541' elevation. I have Winchester 231 powder (AKA HP-38). The 124gr RN should be loaded to 1. The Load I shoot the most in 9mm is: 5. As always start low and work up slowly and remember that COL is gun and bullet specific. based on the combination of engineering. 9mm 115 FMJ is our most popular bullet and will take the longest to ship. Yandex is a search engine and web portal. 3x74R 9mm 9mm/22TCM 9mm/40SW 9x18mm Makarov 9x18mm Ultra 9x21mm 9x23 Winchester Multi Cal. The only 124gr loads they show are using WIn Super Field. The Latest In Reloading, Straight To Your Inbox Keep up-to-date on new products, trends and tips from the leader in reloading. 62x39 Ammo 124gr HP Wolf WPA Military Classic 20 Round Box. I have a starting load listed on my Winchester load data sheet. Find what you need in six easy steps. 3, 832, 19,900, Winchester 231, 4. Can't find any loading data for it. We are currently populating the cartridge drop-down menu with updated cartridge renderings, new propellants and bullets, and links to complimentary product pages. There simply isn't much load data for the super-heavy 9mm bullets. I go more by what powder manufactures say to do. 58748 —— H&K G28 Designated Marksman Rifle. 3gr and an old speer 11 has a max of 5. 9mm GDHP 9mm TMJ® RN Weight Winchester AutoComp Federal Federal 100 5. There probably isn't any data for 231 and 115 FMJ. I also have some Alliant Red Dot that he recommended for 38 special/357 loads. KYFlyfisher said: I'm trying to find load data for the 115gr Winchester JHP. They did not provide any data for 147 gr. Be thoroughly familiar with those instructions before using these loads. August 7, 2017 ~ handloadingnotebook. What is Winchester 231 Load Data 9mm 124gr. Starline brass and CCI primers. Favorite 124 gr 9mm load with Winchester 231?. i read on youtube where someone was shooting a semi 9mm pistol, he loaded 5. Load 124gr Winchester 231 Data 9mm. But Thanks to the good folks here, on Brian Enos forums (Thanks to Spiffy) and the good folks at Alliant I now have a reliable excellent load using AS powder. need a load 9mm 124gr with win 231. By consenting, you permit us and our partners to collect personal data such as your browsing history on our site and IP address to provide. ЗВЕЗДОЧКА Радиус зуба r Размер радиуса C Размер зуба h Размер зуба L Размер зуба h2 Размер зуба h3 Общая высота H. Just checking to see if anyone has a 9mm recipe using Win 231powder with Montana Gold 124gr bullets. Product pictures cannot be used WINCHESTER, W231, 4. The load data is the same, the pressures are the same and the burn rate is the same. Then select your shell, load type, shot weight, powder manufacturer and powder type. (Yes I will check all loads with loading … I need a load for the 124gr bullet using winchester 231 powder only. The data from the Winchester web site (and printed data book) was SOOOO far off-base for. 124-grain flatpoint jacketed bullet. However, they are usually loaded for lower velocities than other 115gr loads. Winchester 231 is a ball powder, one of the most popular handgun It is ideally suited to 38 Special, 45 Auto, and 9mm standard loads. 38 special target and carry and shoot cans *****,oppussums, my load I carry every where. Coronavirus counter with new cases, deaths, and number of tests per 1 Million population. 300 Blackout, 120gr, Open Tip Match (OTM), 20rd Box. I finally gave up trying to brush and swab it out. Maximum: 51 °C = 124 F Average: 41. Details: 9mm 124 grain FMJ pet load data preferences Looking for pet loads in the following powders that work well for y'all. Data Output Pin (N-Channel, Open-Drain). If you trying to find special discount you'll need to searching when special time come or holidays. If you're unsure, or just want options, check as many boxes as you'd like. 5gr Win231/HP-38 (same powder) Winchester SP Montana Gold 124gr FMJ. GR4 GR3 GR2 GR1 VDD Vss LED1 LED2 LED3 LED4 osc dout din clk STB. I run 9mm Major in my open gun, which is a Glock 34 with a KKM barrel and a 4 port compensator. 8 Winchester 231 Speer CCI 500 4. 9MM SA Range Officer,Ruger P-85, Springfield Stainless 9MM loaded, SA 9MM 5. bullets with Win231 - only any Winchester 231 or Hodgdon HP38 load data for 124 grain bullets. [if 1693][1693]gr [1685] [1687][/if 1693] / 4. 2 and the precision delta 124 for range loads. 140 so that what I standardized on. This is line with dozens of published loads shared on numerous sights and functions well in just about everything. I know I had a challenge finding load data for Alliant American Select and 9mm 147 gr lead bullets. Reloading Heavy Bullets in 9mm Luger. Using bullets from Hornady HP-XTP. 7 1165 32,100 PSI So the working range is a bit tight, only. In my Lee manual all that I see for 231 is a 124 gr bullet. Precision Delta's 124 gr FMJ: Load 4. 355 125gr for my 9mm Sig Sauer x-five. Rocky Mountain reloading bullets 9mm 124 grain bullets worked good. 93 (Скоттсдейл, США) Казахстан) 109. 99) has several excellent articles, one being a great article on 9mm reloading, with a focus on plated bullets because they have become so popular. The Micro Scorpion is the latest and great K model Subgun. Looking at the Lovex data, there's plenty of powders in 9X19mm that top out above 1150 fps with 124 grain jacketed bullets, some up to 1246 fps max loads. WST is my favorite powder for 9mm and. Either way I think I like Power Pistol better than 231 in 9mm, slightly better than 231 in. Click on each Powder picture to see detailed explainations, video, load data, shot groupings and more! We tested over 30 powders that can be used for 9MM. Neither the Lee or Lyman manuals I have, show any recipes for this combo of components. 155" OAL at ~1100fps without any pressure signs easily. 9mm: (All loads shot through a Walther P99c; barrel is 3. It looks like my extractor is bent now. So expect it to do well with the 9mm. Powder choice for 9mm 124gr load. I have a basic starting point, using 125 gr LRN data, found in my trusty Lee's manual. 700-x and W231 were softer, but the N320 was the best both with the accuracy and the felt recoil. I have load some test rounds (not shot yet) and used the data from Hodgon website. I don’t get to wrapped up about brand of bullets. The gun has a little over 4000 rounds through it. In my Lee manual all that I see for 231 is a 124 gr bullet Start - 3. Load data for our Superior Plated Bullets® can be found in any manual or on any powder manufacturer’s website. Consistency, clean burning, low flash, and a broad range of applications make this powder a choice for any handgun cartridge loader. 0 with a COL that is about as long as you can handle in your gun, and work up. The Shooters World data I posted is SAAMI specs specifically with 124 grain Hornady XTP bullets. 0 grs of W231, bullseye target and I try for steel plates timed, never make the speed of most shooters, and. More about this powder: Winchester 231 is a ball powder, one of the most popular handgun propellants in history. Winchester W231 and Hodgdon HP-38 are examples of highly versatile powders - Image copyright 2013 Ultimate Reloader. Hornady XTP and Winchester 231 powder. 125 Anyone have any experience loading 9mm 125 Lead with a 231?. This pin outputs serial data at the falling edge of the shift clock (starting from the. The reloadable brass makes these Winchester rounds even more economical in the long run. Cast or jacketed data with the same grain weight and profile will work with our bullets. 5gr between hi and lo, but I'm hoping to find a nice load that cycles and shoots well w/o having to run at the top of the load data. 9mm 124gr load with W231?. the Speer 124gr gold dots which I have ordered. I loaded some 9mm 124gr with Winchester 231 and magnum primers. Live statistics and coronavirus news tracking the number of confirmed cases, recovered patients, tests, and death toll due to the COVID-19 coronavirus from Wuhan, China. TMJ Reloading Bullets - 1500 Total Rounds. Set to what is free in barrel and feeds, but suspect 1. 58640 —— L1A1 Tactical Self-Loading Rifle. W-231 as a maximum load with a 147 gr. WHERE IS THE POWDER Q&A LEARN MORE WinClean 244 It's the Winchester 231 equivalent specially enhanced to eliminate copper fouling as you shoot. 1 HIgh 1109 Low 1084 Max Spread 25 Avg 1098 Deviation 6 PF 137 temp 23C That is from my CZ 85. I shoot a Ruger SR1911 Target 9mm. This item is quite nice product. During the 1960s, Super Vel Ammunition (as operated by Lee Jurras) pioneered a 90-grain JHP load at around 1,400 fps. The 75 mm gun is strong enough to destroy most tanks with one hit, meanwhile the 234/4 has a great speed of 30-40 km/h forwards and backwards to relocate. Winchester 231 with Berry's 124gr Hybrid Hollow Point 9mm On the Winchester site for the Win231, 9mm - 124gr they have only the HBRN-TP rounds for loads (3. 0 grs of w231 with a 124gr coated round nose, in order to make this load chamber in my wife's walthers PPQ i had to load them at 1. You can use load data for 124 or 125 grain bullets. Ramshot Silhouette, VihtaVuori N310 and N320, and Winchester 231 and . It is ideally suited to 38 Special, 45 Auto, and 9mm standard loads . 4 is the max for 231 according to the site at 1037 fps iirc. 380 acp, and other popular handgun ammo. HP-38 and Winchester 231 are the same powder, just different packaging. I have 9mm 124 grain JHP bullets from Montana Gold Bullets. You can also use any data for the same TYPE of bullet. 1996 Reloading booklet – – Alliant Powder Co. I also would like to ask the COL you have settled on. I loaded up 5 of each powder, neither. All the load data I've seen shows W231 and HP-38 having the same charges. 10, out of an XD-Service 9mm pistol. It is ideally suited to 38 Special, 45 Auto, and 9mm standard loads. 4 grains with 124/125 grain bullets, and 4.